Guide To Getting It On--8th edition (2015): A book about the wonders of sex

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8th edition 
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SAY IT AIN'T SO, AMAZON! We spent months making sure the ebook/Kindle version would flow well and look great on your ebook reader. However, the preview here makes the book look like a mess, especially the illustrations. Rest assured, it's a problem with Amazon's previewer. It is not be the case for the actual Kindle version. The Kindle version contains all of the text from the 1,152 page printed version PLUS nearly 200 incredible color illustrations. Here are some reviews and awards: "You've never read a manual as warm, friendly, liberating, thorough, and potentially sex-life-changing as the Guide to Getting It On! Neither had anyone in our office--which may be why our copies keep disappearing." -- OPRAH MAGAZINE"One of the few books about sex that you actually want to sit down and read." -- PLAYBOY MAGAZINE"The only sex manual you'll ever need!" ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE"If you're going to own just one instructional book about sex, this is the one. Funny, hip, and informative, it's packed with advice about what to put where and covers every topic a couple could possibly be curious about." -- Jamye Waxman/WOMEN'S HEALTH MAGAZINE"In our vast library of sex books, this is by far and away the most human, enlightening and entertaining read of the lot. I'll be recommending it until my keyboard wears out." -- COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE UK"A wold-class sex manual. Whoever you are and however much sexual experience you've had, you will benefit from reading this book. I can't recommend it too highly." JOURNAL OF HUMAN RELATIONS"The most playful and sensitive book I've read on sex -- it's funny, irreverent, intelligent and refreshingly honest." Adrienne Benedicks/LIBIDOAwards? Here goes:--The Book of the Year Award from the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists--Women's Health Magazine Sex Award--The Ben Franklin Book Award--The Firecracker Alternative Book Best Heterosexual Book Best Book Award, and the American Foundation for Gender & Genital Medicine Book AwardIn addition to being translated into 14 foreign languages, the "Guide To Getting It On" is used in dozens of college sex-ed courses. - from Amzon 
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